Sunday, November 30, 2008

Speaker #2: The Changeling by Judith Ortiz Cofer p.873

In the poem The Changeling, a little girl plays dress up for her fathers attention. The speaker of the poem is the little girl, who has grown up a little and talks of the past memories, "As a young girl vying for my father's attention." This arrangement of narration, adds to the poems feeling of telling a story of early childhood. The speaker almost reminesces over her silly antics, "I invented a game that mafe him look up from his reading and shake his head as if both baffled and amused."

The little girl in the poem changes into Che Guevara in order to amuse her father, this is where the title, The Changeling, can be explained. The little girl puts on a show for her father "until Mother called us for dinner", showing the childish and fun tone of the poem. The title only reflects that silly, make-belive world of children with the mystical title The Changeling. I feel like the title would be chosen by the little girl in the poem if she had to choose a name for her self.

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