Sunday, November 30, 2008

Setting #2: Morning by Billy Collins p.903

This beginning of this poem is centered on the setting of morning in a persons house. The speaker is anounymous but gives a funny tone to the poem with their opinions towards each time of day, "Why do we bother with the rest of the day, the swale of the afternoon, the sudden dip into evening, then night...[with] his many pointed stars?" The speaker goes on to describe a typical morning setting in their house, "feet on the cold floor, and buzzing around the house on expresso-maybe a splash of water on the face, a palmful of vitamins", these details provide the image and situation of morning "rituals" for the speaker. The routine of morning is what they like, the familiar setting of waking up, going to the bathroom and splashing water on your face to fully wake up. This description explains the speakers love for the setting of morning in their house.

The speaker then goes on to describe their house more in depth, what they see when they might come into their living room. "dictionary and atlas on the rug, the typewriter waiting for the key of the head, a cello on the radio...the lawn steaming like a horse in the early morning." This situation is what the speaker awakes to every morning, looking around their house and seeing familiar things. Then looking outside to see the same lawn every morning covered in dew. I liike this poem because of these simple descriptions that everyone can relate to seeing in the morning.

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